Unsweetened Caffeinated Waters, Sport And Energy Drinks

Posted on 09 November, 2018

Our first product that was developed by means of meaningful research and technology development is an energy drink for elderly population. We introduce a “pure energy water” that is healthier than comparable products currently on the market.

Both young, as well as aged customers, are attracted towards energy drinks which include high caffeine as it promises the consumers to keep them healthy and active. The aged consumers are expected to emerge as the fastest consumers’ type segment and its growth is projected to reach USD 12 billion by 2025.

The biggest caveat of the energy drink consumption by ageing population is the usage of high amounts of sugar or sweeteners to overcome the bitter taste of caffeine. Sugars and sweeteners increase the risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases especially in elderly population. These health risks and conditions may cause the consumption of energy drinks by aged customers less appealing and sugar/sweetener-free alternatives are needed to attract this consumer segment. Healthy options are meanwhile increasingly important to beverage vendors that extend their energy drink portfolios and push healthy organic drinks towards market.

Bitter blocking or a reduction of bitter taste is of great interest in the food and drink industries to render foods or beverages more palatable to the consumer. A bitter blocker should ideally be selective for bitter taste that has to be masked.

Based on our unique invention, we developed a high-caffeine carbonated “pure energy water” without any sugar or sweeteners while removing all traces of bitter or bad taste. The final taste of the “pure energy water” is indistinguishable from popular mineral waters. Since no sugar or sweeteners are added, this product is healthier than energy drinks on the market. To further increase customers benefits, the “pure energy water” contains taurine in concentration typical for energy drinks and Vitamin C without influencing the taste of water.

To increase the attractiveness of the product in various markets, the portfolio of “pure energy water” drinks is going to be widened by addition of three organic aroma combinations: peach-pomegranate, blueberry-cherry and coconut-mint.