ELITE WATER - Caffeinated Functional Beverages

Posted on 09 June, 2019

The biggest caveat of the caffeine consumption is to overcome its bitter taste that is usually masked by addition of sugar or sweeteners into coffee, tea, chocolate, soft and energy drinks. As a result, more than 60% of our daily intake of added sugars is consumed via caffeinated drinks and foods, thereby increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular diseases. In consequence, sugar-free as well as sweetener-free caffeinated drinks are needed as alternatives to attract future consumers.

We developed a unique, taste-neutral bitter blocking technology removing all traces of bitter taste of caffeine for use in sugar- and sweetener-free beverages. When used properly, the final taste of the caffeinated drink is indistinguishable from a natural or sparkling water without addition of caffeine. Taste-neutral blocking of the bitter taste of caffeine exemplify a disruptive technology facilitating a simple and tasty consumption of caffeine in caffeinated beverages without addition of free sugars or sweeteners.


Caffeinated drinks of the trademark ELITE WATER based on our invention represent a healthier option for the customer that is currently not available on the market. ELITE WATER is a brand of healthy and natural functional beverages without sugar, sweeteners or artificial preservatives but with a well-balanced formula containing caffeine, functional amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, blended in a unique composition to preserve the natural taste of water.

Two final products have been added to the ELITE WATER portfolio:

ELITE WATER for women. This functional beverage has been developed and designed for young, health-aware women. The main functional constituents are a mid-concentration of caffeine (20mg/100ml), functional amino acids ß-Alanine and L-Arginine, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, potassium, as well as a natural spring water.

ELITE WATER for men. Ingredients in this functional beverage are the same as described above, with exception of higher caffeine concentration (32mg/100ml) as typical for energy drinks and an addition of taurine. ELITE WATER for men is carbonated to improve the taste.

The main benefit for customers drinking ELITE WATER products is the reduction in consumption of free sugars and sweeteners associated with drinking of caffeinated beverages. Pre-production and up-scaling processes are currently under development from pilot to the production scale, whereas market entry is scheduled for January 2020.

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